k9pawtrol rescue co. would not be possible without the loving support from the family, friends, businesses and sponsors (dog lovers just like us!)  listed below. we are just one family trying to save as many lives as we can and it's truly only because of YOU that we are able to.  TOGETHER we can make a difference. 

so thank YOU. xo

(alphabetical order)

Abby Boeker

Advanced Auto Parts

Mary Canning

Central Bark Menomonee Valley || Erin Donner

Central Standard Distillery || Dan Moore

City Lights Brewing Co.

Claudia Clark

Bob and Tracy Culver Family

Jon Donahue

Evason Family

Steve Ewing

Sharon Felber

James Flatow

David Gallinetti

Deb Gerner

Kelly Harrison

Bill & Jodi Harwood

Teresa Headrick

Randall & Ann Holschbach

Hope (Katie Barrows)

Sara Jordan

Chris & Lauren Konicek

Lizzy Krupski

Trisha Kurth

Tony (& JoAnne) LaJoice

Jillian Lane Family

Lund Family

Jeanne Maciejewski

Matt and Brittanie Martin

Tim Martin

Stacy Mays

Max and Neo Gear

Bridget McGowan (George & P)

Dana Meyer

Suzy Michels

Rebecca Miller

Jewel Molthen

Bobbie Jo Paulus

Mike & Lori Paulus Family

Pet Supplies Plus

Joni Puzy-Gunning

Rock Bottom Brewery || Rebecca Miller

Markus Roeders

Deb Ryer

Jeff & Heather Schmidt Family

Doug & Mel Schwartz

Silk Screen Specialist || Sara McCutcheon

One Wag Natural Pet Supplies Shop

Patty Sherman

Solid Gold Pet Food

Travis Stearns

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

TJ Maxx Downtown MKE

Uttke Family

Uttke Photography & Design

Resa Weston

Howard & Patricia Wilkins

Our Fosters and Adopting Families